Social Media Management Software For Agencies [2021]

Getting your message out there is key if you want to bring in new clients, and remind existing customers that you’re available. Social media offers many, many ways to do that, and using it to its full potential is something every agency owner should care about.

There are so many options out there, it can be hard to figure out what the best choice is. Fortunately for you, we’re here to help, with this guide to the best social media management software for agencies.

We’ll look at the problems you need to solve and discuss the features that can help you do that. Then we’ll run through the best software available, both generally and for specific needs.

There will likely be something here that’s a good fit for your business, and that can help you work better, faster and drive client engagement.

Most Common Problems Faced by Marketing Agencies


Clients always want to get the maximum return for the minimum investment. Naturally, delivering this is tough. To provide the most value for your client’s dime you’ll need to leverage every tool available to you.

Using the right software can help you do this. Automating common tasks, and pushing your message through as many channels as possible improves your reach while keeping your time investment manageable.

If you’re on a tight budget, then finding social media management software at the right price for your clients will be a priority. Fortunately, there are many great budget picks out there, and some tools are available for free.

Lack of Time to do Everything

Agency managers are not short of choice when it comes to social media management. There are always new platforms coming out and the features they offer change regularly. Keeping up with it all is tough, so getting software that can track and automatically deliver to new channels can be a lifesaver.

Scheduling your posts in advance, and for multiple tools at once is a great way to save time, and is low hanging fruit if you’re not doing it already.

Communication Issues

Clients often want to be involved at every step of the way. If you’re anything like us, we’re sure you love your clients dearly, but sometimes you need to put a little distance between them and you. Using social media to communicate can let clients see that you’re working for them, while keeping them at arm’s length.

Internally, you may want your team members to have different levels of access to the various accounts under your control. Tools which allow you to invite multiple users and offer them granular access to the features available will help you do this.

Features to Look for in Social Media Management Software for Agencies

If you’re hunting for the best quality social media management tools, there are several features you should look out for. Feature sets vary, but there are some you’ll see in most platforms and a few unusual ones that tools use to differentiate themselves from the competition.

Scheduling tools are the bread and butter of social media management, so doing this and doing it well should be high up your shopping list. Managing your inbox, with prioritisation, template responses and listening tools can help you search and filter all the information you get. 

Being able to repeatedly handle evergreen topics with minimal intervention from you can maintain interest in your brand, without taking much of your time. Tools to help with brand reputation can help you over the long term. 

Using data to generate reports and analysing the responses to your campaigns can help you target your resources, and help show your clients your work is having an effect. Most tools can do this, but some specialise in it.

Managing Facebook ad campaigns is also useful if you are trying to get engagement with the older folk who are still on there. Working with Instagram and Pinterest will help you target their audiences too. Youtube is also great for engagement, while access to WeChat is essential for those operating globally.

Managing your team and clients is easier with features like user permissions, dedicated client account management and content approval. That means you can handle work from a variety of sources without getting it mixed up, helping you ensure client confidentiality.

Being able to work on different devices helps your team contribute wherever they are, so dedicated mobile apps and browser extensions are positives. Helping you manage all your content with asset management tools will also help you build a library of content for potential reuse.

You’ll also want good support options in case you get stuck, and resources to help you learn how to use the tools, particularly if they are complicated. Many tools offer free e-books, which can help develop your skills and bring new team members up to speed.

Value is also key, so we want to see a decent price, preferably with a card-free trial so you can test out the software before choosing to buy it. Original features and secret sauce are also great to have, so we’ll be on the lookout for those too.

Here are the tools we’ll cover:

  1. Agorapulse
  3. Brand24
  4. Awario
  5. SocialPilot
  6. Sprout Social
  7. Sendible
  8. MavSocial
  9. Cyfe
  10. Visme

Ten Best Social Media Management Tools for Agencies

1. Agorapulse – Best For Complete Social Media Management

Agorapulse is a comprehensive platform that lets you use most social networks and includes a whole range of tools to use with them.

It is packed with features. We don’t have space to cover them all here, but they include monitoring tools, scheduling tools and various tracking and reporting options. The Facebook return on investment calculator is a good example, allowing you to see exactly how your page is working out for you financially.

Signing up doesn’t take long, and you are walked through a brief process, adding your details and connecting some of your accounts. The user interface is attractive and mostly well designed.

There are various community and support options to help you collaborate with your team. You can use these to interact with other users and Agorapulse staff to learn about the tool and how to use it effectively.

Agorapulse has a generous 28 day card free trial, so you have plenty of time to explore its features before deciding if it’s for you. Its homepage has a handful of free tools to give you a taster of it, including a Twitter report card and Facebook barometer.

If you sign up, it costs from $79 to $399 per month with annual billing. The more expensive plans allow you to add more users and social profiles, as well as giving you extras like onboarding and a dedicated account manager. 

Usefully, you can make a few a la carte selections if you want extra users, but don’t need to move up a tier.

Pricing$79 – $399 per month
Free Trial or PlanYes, 28 days card free.
StrengthsDoes everything.
WeaknessesExpensive. Simpler options available.

Agorapulse offers you a very broad range of tools and gives you a long trial to get to know them. It is highly recommended if you are looking for a tool that can do everything, so head over to its homepage and try it out.

2. is a Twitter focussed management tool, allowing you to take control of the platform. It includes a range of features to help drive engagement and boost your follower count. You can also use it with other platforms, like Facebook and LinkedIn, but Twitter is where the real action is.

It has over 400,000 clients, likely boosted by its free plan, with big hitters including Wix and McDonalds. You have to sign up using your Twitter account and give it permission to do pretty much everything, so be aware of that when using it for the first time. 

Once you’ve done that, you can add your website and associated tags, so it can start evaluating your online presence right away. It doesn’t take long to get going, and it’s useful to get set up right at the start.

After the first steps, you can compose and schedule tweets, analyze your followers, and view analytics, which shows how your posts are performing. Design and UI are good, with the interface easy to use and respond quickly to input. Scheduling posts is very easy and the reports simple to understand. has a range of price offerings, including a free tier. The free tier is a great way to try it out, but is limited. You’ll see mentioned in your tweets for example. That may not be a deal breaker for you, but is important to know.

Higher tiers increase and remove the limits on what you can do, giving you unlimited whitelists/blacklists, weekly campaigns and follower analysis and offer more features, such as one on one training, and letting you add multiple team members to your account.

PricingFree – $117.99
Free Trial or PlanFree plan and 14-day free trial for other features.
StrengthsCheap / free. Great for mastering Twitter.
WeaknessesNeed a Twitter account. Free tier adds branding to posts. is a fantastic tool, and especially good for those on a budget, though serious users will want to move up from its free plan quickly. Head over to its page and see what it can do for you.

3. Brand24 – Best For Agencies Needing To Provide Monitoring Reports

If reports and analysis are your main priority, Brand24 is the tool for you. It offers info and statistics galore, and its range of options for making graphs and visualizations are among the broadest you’ll find.

As well as including standard filters like location and domain, its sentiment filter can use AI to tally positive and negative comments and show their prevalence over time. You can also filter data by the influencer level of the source, helping you identify the comments that have the most impact on your brand.

It also has reputation management tools that can spot negative comments and alert you to them, enabling you to respond quickly and mitigate potential damage.


With over 12000 claimed sign-ups every month, and high profile clients including Intel and Stanford University, you won’t be alone in using it to manage your social media accounts.

Brand24 costs between $49 and $199 per month. There’s a two week card free trial to test it out. Higher tier plans let you work with more keywords, users and mentions. They also update your reports more regularly, though the twice a day on the cheapest plan will be fine for many users.

There’s a wealth of help information on its website, including podcasts, e-books and guides to help you get the most out of it.

Its signup process can be awkward. It rejected our email for some reason when first trying to sign up, and its ‘contact us’ link opened a messenger window with no-one available. It can also be sluggish, but it does crunch a lot of data, so deserves to get some leeway there.

Pricing$49 – $199 per month.
Free Trial or PlanYes, 14 days card free.
StrengthsReports and graphs.
WeaknessesAwkward sign up process. Sluggish.

We found it did more than we could ask for in terms of analysing our data and presenting it effectively. Give it a spin for yourself and you’ll soon be producing infographics galore to wow your colleagues and clients.

3. Awario

Awario may sound like Mario’s quirky cousin, but it’s actually a brand monitoring and social listening school that can help you keep track of what people are saying about you, as well as potentially steer those conversations in your favour.


It monitors social media channels for mentions of your brand, and produces reports that show you how patterns of discussion are evolving over time. You can also hunt for posts looking for the products that you are selling, as well as those complaining about your rivals, making it a fantastic tool if you want to gather targeted sales leads.

Its reports graph your mentions against rivals showing you who is doing best in the cutthroat game of social media competition. There’s also a guide to who the key influencers are, giving you a useful insight into the media landscape surrounding your brand.

Its high profile customers include the likes of Amazon, Deloitte and Unicef, so you’re in good company if you choose it for your social analytics.

Signing up is easy, and takes you straight into the process of setting up a project and identifying your competitors. The user interface isn’t difficult to figure out, and the experience is high quality and bug free.

Awario’s plans start at a budget friendly $24 per month, increasing to $249 for the Enterprise offering. The higher plans let you introduce more team members, monitor more mentions, and give you extra features, like data export, shareable reports, and an account manager. You can also take advantage of its API if you want to do some serious customization.

Pricing$24 – $249 per month with annual billing.
Free Trial or PlanSeven day, card free trial.
StrengthsCheap. Great for monitoring.
WeaknessesDoesn’t do much else.

If you’re the type of person that likes peering at your neighbors from behind the curtains, Awario will be right up your street. Check it out if you want to keep tabs on your reputation.

4. SocialPilot – Best For Small Agencies

Social Pilot is an excellent tool for agencies looking to cover most bases. It is simple, useful and works with a wide range of platforms. 

It is very easy to use and has a slick, readable, web-based interface. There are also smartphone apps, browser extensions and Zapier integration to make it work with a wider range of services.

You can sign up in no time at all, and get things running very quickly without having to mess around with documentation. What you do works without fuss. 

When you first sign up, you are prompted to connect your various social media accounts, and these are then plugged in to the features and tools on offer. You can create posts and view related metrics easily.


You can invite multiple team members to the same account so you can work together. Team members can create posts and adverts, and schedule their release on the various platforms, then monitor how they do. You can also create PDF white label reports from the metrics, which is useful both within your team and as something to show to your customers.

Its social inbox allows you to reply to your social media responses from one place. That makes managing things a cinch. It also has a range of excellent learning resources, including video guides, and a selection of e-books that go into surprising detail on the topics they cover.

With annual billing, SocialPilot starts at just $25.50 per month, rising to $85 monthly for its top plan. Higher tiers allow you to use more social media accounts, along with extra features like concierge setup and the white labelled reports.

Even at the entry level though, you get to manage 25 accounts and can make over 200 posts a day, which is more than enough for a small, or even medium sized business. There is also a 14 day free trial, so you can test it out easily.

Pricing$25.50 – $85 per month.
Free Trial or PlanYes, 14 days card free.
StrengthsEasy to use. Good feature set.
WeaknessesLimited support.

We really enjoy using SocialPilot. It is so easy to use and makes handling multiple accounts a breeze. It only takes a few seconds to sign up card free, so check it out and see how you find it.

6. Sprout Social – Best For Agencies and Medium Sized Businesses

Sprout Social offers a selection of tools to cover your business needs. It has multiple sections and includes task management, as well as having areas dedicated to listening, reports, publishing, and more. It is used by companies like Subaru and Evernote and boasts over 25000 global clients.

Sprout Social

It is particularly good for those using it as a team, with many of its features geared towards that, and UI popups consistently presenting you with group related options.

You can use it with a broad range of platforms including Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Pinterest and Youtube. It also has its own employee advocacy platform, Bambu, which is integrated into it.

Sprout’s interface is busy, with icons on the left and right of the screen, but it is also quick, snappy and easy to figure out. It has a bunch of useful keyboard shortcuts which are worth learning if there are tasks you want to do repeatedly.

You can try it card free for 30 days, after which it costs between $99 and $249 monthly. You get significant extra features on higher tiers, such as trend analysis, content tagging, automated chatbots and a digital asset library.

There are various features to learn and engage with the product in its resource center, along with webinars and articles on how to get the most out of its tools.

Pricing$99 – $249 per month.
Free Trial or Plan30 day card free trial.
StrengthsGreat for team use and employee advocacy.
WeaknessesExpensive for individual use.

Sprout has a professional feel to it and will suit teams that want a strong set of features that are easy to use and deliver what they promise. Try it out here.

7. Sendible

Sendible aims to help you tick every box and claims to have more integrations than any other social media tool. As well as covering the usual heavyweights, it has features for blog integration and works with platforms like Blogger, WordPress, and Tumblr.

It has some smart features that make it stand out from the crowd. For example, everyone lets you schedule messages, but Sendible lets you import them from a .csv file. As well as built in reports, there’s a report builder, which lets you select from various metrics and modules, and compile them into a multi-page, printable document.

It also has strong management capabilities, allowing you to assign permissions to different members of your team. Though not a dedicated SEO tool, it can handle keyword monitoring.


It has over 15000 clients, which is good, though it’s not the most popular tool listed. We leave the reader to judge whether Expedia and the British National Health Service are impressive customers to have on your roster.

To help you get to grips with it, there’s a resources page which includes guides and support, along with e-books to take you through various processes. 

There’s also a handy social media holiday calendar, to make sure you’re covering every major event there is. Usefully, when learning the tool, you get helpful videos popping up as you explore new areas of its interface. 

Its plans start at just $24 per month, which lets you use it with up to twelve social profiles and build eight report types. That’s more than enough for individuals, or small businesses. The higher tiers give you more users, more profiles and more reports, and are more suitable for agencies managing multiple accounts.

Pricing$24 – $254 per month, with annual billing.
Free Trial or PlanYes, 14 days card free.
StrengthsClever features. Strong help options. Good for bloggers.
WeaknessesSome support pages are a little basic.

Sendible is well worth investigating if you aren’t satisfied with the depth of features you’re getting in other tools and is especially worth checking out for bloggers. Give it a try with its free trial.

8. MavSocial – Best for Agencies Using Chinese Networks

Like most other tools here, MavSocial allows you to schedule your posts, view responses in a single inbox and generate reports that show you how well you’re doing.

It works with a broad range of social media platforms including Facebook, Instagram, Twitter and Tumblr. Handily, it also integrates with WeChat, making it a good choice if you’re working with clients in China. 

MavSocial also has support for the Japanese language giving it another string in its bow for users in Asia.

It also offers features for the security conscious, like encryption and 2-step verification. It has apps for Android and iOS, as well as a Chrome extension, making it easy to access wherever you are.


Its interface is simple and easy to use, perhaps being too basic in many areas. It sometimes feels underdeveloped, with errors messages popping up on occasion.

Figuring everything out and taking advantage of its features doesn’t take long though. Many reports can be generated with a click or two, and most tasks can be done quickly. Scheduling a post or setting up a campaign takes no time at all.

You get an asset library on every plan, which ranges from 25GB up to 1TB, giving you plenty of space to store pictures and videos. Try to resist the temptation to fill it up completely with fluffy cat movies.

At only $16 per month for its cheapest plan. MavSocial is one of the best value platforms around. Higher levels give you more features, including sentiment analysis, Facebook and Twitter campaign management, as well as collaboration features and onboarding.

Pricing$16 to $415 with annual billing.
Free Trial or Plan14 day card free trial.
StrengthsCheap. Good at accessing China friendly platforms.
WeaknessesFairly basic in most areas.

If you’re looking for a tool that can access a range of platforms, MavSocial is the tool for you. It is crucial for those looking to access the Chinese market, too. Head over to its site and give it a whirl.

9. Cyfe – Best for Agencies Needing Easy Access to Business Data

Cyfe differs from other software in this list in that social media management is only a subset of its capabilities. It can also help you with marketing, sales and support, making it a great asset for businesses looking to handle these areas using an integrated tool.

It lets you create multiple dashboards for things like Google ads and analytics, as well as Youtube statistics and Facebook ads. Cyfe is built around these dashboards. You can create blank ones, and add all kinds of widgets to them. These take data from different sources, including social media, documents, advertising platforms, search engines and email.


As well as connecting it to your social media accounts you can integrate it with your company’s data, using its API. It has plenty of customization features, allowing you to brand it with your company logo and access it via your own domain name. You can even use custom CSS to completely alter its appearance, as well as create email templates for outgoing messages.

One cool feature is that you can set business objectives and then build towards them, tracking your progress.

It starts at $29 per month, which is very generous for what it offers, though you can only use it with a single user. That’s great for managers looking to keep track of their business. Higher tiers allow more users and offer extra features like embedded analytics, branded widgets and white label reports.

Pricing$29 – $150 per month.
Free Trial or PlanFree trial.
StrengthsAll in one platform covering multiple business needs.
WeaknessesNot as focussed as other tools.

If you’re looking for a solution that includes social media management in a holistic package that can help you in multiple areas, Cyfe will be just right for you. Head over to its site and sign up for its free trial.

10. Visme – Best for Agencies Presenting to Clients

Visme is an online tool for creating presentations, visualizations, and graphics. It has over seven million customers and includes all sorts of features to help you make impressive visuals for your clients. 

Signing up is easy, and it takes very little time to start creating once you do so. It is slick and well designed, with a bold, stylish UI. You can easily find templates by searching for whatever it is you want to create. Select one of these and you are taken to its editing tools.

These are surprisingly complex, though well designed and intuitive, offering you a bewildering array of options. Designers will love these, and they give you the scope to let your creativity run riot.


Though mastering everything will take time, it is very easy to make tweaks to the existing templates, so beginners and experts are both catered to.

There is plenty to help you improve, with video tutorials, webinars, and e-books available to give you tips. These cover everything from design to marketing and you’re sure to find something here that can give your skills a boost.

It integrates with other platforms, such as Google Drive and DropBox. You can even use Google Maps to generate imagery. You can also embed audio and video files, and there are thousands of these to use if you don’t have your own.

Visme is available free, with extra features introduced on its paid plans. The free tier has some limitations, such as the Visme branding on your projects, plus limiting you to 100MB of storage and only letting you export in the JPG format. Other plans remove those limits, letting you export PDF files, and giving you a wide array of charts, widgets and analytics. You also get training and analytics on the premium plans.

PricingFree, up to $29 per month, billed annually.
Free Trial or PlanFree plan.
StrengthsFree, and cheap if you pay for it.
WeaknessesData import features would be nice.

If you want to create presentations using social media data, look no further than Visme. It is free to get started and so there’s no reason not to check it out.


If you’re managing a ton of social media accounts without any extra software, then help is at hand. You can save yourself time and boost your efficiency by an order of magnitude by deploying the right software solution.

The tools on show here all have their benefits and picking the one that fits your workplace needs best can make your life a lot easier.

Some are cheap, others, less so, but they all have free trials, so you can easily check them out and evaluate what suits you.

These tools are all good quality, though many do a limited amount on the cheapest plans. Take some of them from a spin, and if you’re anything like us, you’ll probably have a hard time picking a favorite.

Do tell us what you think of them, and let us know if you have any other recommendations.

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